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Benefits for Training

If you are a carpenter with one to two years of experience or recently graduated a vocational school or just looking to better your trade, Lead Carpenter Training can provide you a solid and updated skill set to your carpentry experience. We expect a Lead-Carpenter-Training-Certified carpenter to have greater earning potential with his/her improved skill set.

And, if you are a contractor or general contractor, Lead Carpenter Training can assess your potential hire in any or all of the areas listed here. We will provide an emailed assessment of your candidate stating qualifications and areas where the potential hire is lacking. In addition, the candidate may enroll in the Lead Carpenter Training program and would be taught any or all of the above skill sets earning a Certificate from Lead Carpenter Training. Please see our curriculum for further information.

Last, Lead Carpenter Training is prepared to assist staffing companies and temporary placement agencies by providing screening services of their laborers. We can assess a laborer’s skill set in the following areas listed here.


Read about all of the benefits Lead Carpentry Training provides for laborers looking to advance their education.

Update Your Carpentry Skill Set Experience

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Read about the benefits Lead Carpentry Training provides for contractors and general contractors.

Get help finding the perfect candidate

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Staffing Agencies

Read about the benefits Lead Carpentry Training provides for staffing companies and agencies.

Get assistance screening the services of laborers

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